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Cardio Challenge


February 25th-26th

iCORE Fitness NNL 7th annual league qualifier is coming soon! Registration is LIMITED so secure your spot today!

This year we have 5 Divisions that will qualify for the finals:

Kids: (ages 6-8)

Mature Kids: (ages 9-10)

Preeteens: (ages 11-12)

Teens: (13-14)

Elite: (15+)

The course will be a 10-20 obstacle event following the NNL standards for qualifying.


Saturday: Kids, Mature Kids, Preteens

Sunday: Teens, Young Adults, Adults & Masters

Please arrive 30-45 minutes before the start of your scheduled wave for check-ins and warmup. Rules and demonstrations will start promptly at the scheduled time. More details will be emailed to competitors closer to the date of the competition.
*There will be redemption time at the end of each wave if time allows*
Gym Workout

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