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Our facility is a utopia for kids! Our classes change daily to create a fun rewarding experience. Our instructors encourage and challenge our Mini Ninjas using fitness through movement to learn vital life skills such as team building, camaraderie, overcoming life’s obstacles and perseverance. They will engage in daily activities that include climbing, tumbling, navigating throughout the facility over, under, around and through obstacles. Other days are spent on the rock wall, flying high into our foam pits, and even taking a ride on the zipline!

Class Schedule:

Friday: 4PM

Saturday: 2PM

Sunday: 2PM

All class times are open to the public.

Must register on the mindbody app. Simply register for the open gym session that starts at the same time as the mini ninja class you want to attend.

Class Details:

The instructor-led obstacle course portion of the Mini Ninja’s class lasts for 30-45 minutes and is then followed by open gym. Mini Ninja’s open gym ends at 8 pm on Friday and ends at 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The cost is $25 which includes both the class and open gym. 5 & 10 session passes can also be used for the class. It’s for kids ages 6-13.

During the class, the instructor will demonstrate and teach each kid the obstacles in our course of the weekend and run them through the course. Open gym is instructor monitored for safety and if any participants have questions they can feel free to ask the instructors. During open gym, participants can utilize the whole facility including the trampolines, foam pit, rock wall, and obstacles

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